Recommendation Letter

The Girls of Promise® student application process allows the committee to select a diverse group of dedicated students from across that state to extend the opportunity,  as well as to prepare students for post graduate education & work by giving them the experience of completing a formal application, including requesting a letter of recommendation.

Each student application must include a completed Teacher Recommendation Form to be considered. The Teacher Recommendation Form must be completed by:

  • An educator who teaches science, technology, arts, or math OR
    • An supervisor of an extracurricular activity related to science, technology, arts, or math (ex. Coding Club supervisor, Robotics Team Instructor, etc.)
    • A counselor at the school where the student applicant attends.

The strength of teacher recommendations informs our acceptance process. Completed Teacher Recommendation Forms must be submitted by students through their online application.

Download the 2023 Teacher Recommendation Form: Girls of Promise Teacher Recommendation Form

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