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Chaperone Track Schedule (Full)

TimeTopicDescriptionSpeakersWorkshop StyleStatus
9:30-9:45WelcomeTransition to Space, Welcome, ExpectationsMarsha Masters to welcome. Faith Anaya to give meeting expectations.
9:45-10:30“The Messy Middle: Horomones, Homework and Mental Health”The not so fun parts of middle school. Each speaker will give tips on how to support your teen as they navigate the challenges with changing hormones, the demands of homework, and protecting their mental health.Hormones, Dr. Nirvana Manning (Top 100 Women of Impact, Girology Puberty Program); Homework (Ar’ Jillian Gilmer, Gilmer Learning Solutions); Mental Health (Megan Miller, CEO The BridgeWay); Moderator: Rebecca Pitillo, BlueCross BlueShieldPanelAll Speakers & Moderator Pitillo Confirmed
10:30-11:10Be Pro, Be ProudBe Pro, Be Proud Mobile UnitInteractiveConfirmed
12:10-12:35The Trade GameLet’s make a trade through an interactive game where (most) everyone is a winner.Marsha Masters, Economics ArkansasInteractiveConfirmed
12:35-1:10Resource Round-UpLevel All; Minority Architecture; We Are Accounting (Randi Chambers); STEM CoalitionEach Have 10-12 MinutesFast Paced PresentationsRandi Chambers (We Are Accounting), Lauren Dickey and Holly Vetsch (WER) Hannah Vogler (STEM Coalition) Confirmed
1:20-2:20Let’s Get STEM-ishHands-On with an EntrepreneurMaking SucculentsTalk and Interaction
2:20-3:20Financial Best Practices: For You and Your TeenSave 10/ATRS Talk + Banking for Teens + 529 PlansDr. Megan Godfrey, Lorrie TrogdenTalk (Megan 30 minutes; teen talk 20 minutes)Godfrey & Trogden Confirmed
3:20-3:30Closing, Survey, Door Prizes



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