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About Innovate for Good Challenge


The Innovate for Good Challenge, sponsored by the Women’s Foundation of Arkansas and in conjunction with the Girls of Promise Conference, is an empowering competition designed for 6th to 12th grade girls across Arkansas. This challenge celebrates creativity, technology, and social impact, focusing on the vital topic of cybersecurity.

Who Can Participate:

  • Open to all 6th – 12th grade students who identify as female in Arkansas.
  • Participants can work individually or in teams of up to 4 members.
  • Team members can be from different schools.

2024 Innovate for Good Challenge Overview

Create a technology-focused Public Service Announcement (PSA) on a cybersecurity topic. Your PSA should be informative and inspiring, targeting a specific audience to promote cybersecurity awareness and action.

The Importance of Cybersecurity:Cybersecurity is a critical issue that affects everyone in our increasingly connected world. It’s an “everyone problem” – from individuals to large corporations, no one is immune to the threat of cyber attacks. These attacks can be highly targeted, focusing on specific groups of people, or indiscriminate, aiming to exploit anyone vulnerable. The annual cost of cyber attacks is staggering, amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars globally. In the United States alone, these costs run into tens of billions annually, impacting not just the economy but also the privacy and security of individuals. By informing and educating the public, we can play a crucial role in stopping cyber criminals in their tracks. Public awareness is a powerful tool against these threats, making initiatives like the Innovate for Good Challenge essential in building a more secure digital future


  • Cybersecurity Issue: Choose a significant cybersecurity topic.
  • Target Audience: Define the audience for your PSA.
  • Content Development: Create content that is informative and engaging.
  • Creativity and Innovation: Employ creative and innovative methods in your PSA.
  • Technology Utilization: Use technology effectively to enhance your message.
  • Presentation Quality: Ensure professionalism in the presentation of your PSA.

Format and Submission

  • Formats include video, infographic, website, etc.
  • Video submissions should be no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Submit digitally by March 1, 2024, to the designated portal. Include a brief description of your PSA.

A detailed report must accompany your submission (Click here for report details)

Important Dates

March 1, 2024  – Submission Deadline

March 15 , 2024 – Finalists Notified

April 5, 2024 – Showcase at Girls of Promise® Conference in Little Rock

April 19, 2024 – Final Presentations: 12:00 – 4:00 pm at the UALR Research and Creative Works Expo, UA Little Rock Campus


Submissions for the Innovate for Good Challenge will be evaluated based on two distinct categories, each contributing to a single cumulative score with a maximum score of 200 points. The Public Service Announcement (PSA) is the primary focus, carrying a maximum of 120 points, and is assessed on criteria such as relevance, accuracy, messaging, creativity, and presentation quality. The project report, contributing up to 80 points, is evaluated based on the quality of teamwork, the brainstorming process, and the thoroughness of the documentation, including the problem statement, references, and team member contributions.


Winners will be recognized for their contributions to cybersecurity awareness. Specific awards and recognitions will be announced after the final presentations at the UALR Research & Creative Works Expo.

Submission Report Guidelines: 

This report will provide the judges with a comprehensive understanding of your project, including the rationale behind your choices and the effort put into developing the PSA. It’s a critical component of your submission, showcasing not only the final product but also the thought and work that went into its creation. 
1. Problem Statement:

  • Provide a clear and concise explanation of the cybersecurity problem you are addressing.
  • Explain how your Public Service Announcement (PSA) could help alleviate or solve this problem.
  • Keep this section brief but informative, ensuring it directly relates to the chosen topic and target audience.

2. List of References:

  • Include all sources of information used in creating your PSA.
  • This may include websites, books, journals, interviews, or any other credible sources.
  • Ensure proper citation format to maintain academic integrity.

3. Brainstorming and Decision-Making:

  • Write a paragraph detailing your team’s brainstorming sessions.
  • Explain how you decided on the specific topic for your PSA.
  • Discuss the reasons behind choosing the particular digital format for your PSA (e.g., video, infographic, website).
  • This section should give insight into your team’s creative and decision-making processes.

4. Team Member Details:

  • List all team members who contributed to the PSA, and how each person contributed.
  • For each member, include their name, grade, and school.
  • If the team members are from different schools, make sure to list each school accordingly.

Additional Notes:

  • The report should be well-organized, clear, and concise.
  • Use a professional and readable font, and adhere to the 2-3 page limit.
  • Proofread for grammar and clarity.
  • The document must be submitted in PDF format to ensure consistency and accessibility.

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Please see the attached rubric to see how we evaluate project proposals!

If you have additional questions, please contact with the subject line ‘Innovate for Good’.

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