Arkansas Governor’s Mansion – 1800 Center Street, Little Rock AR 72206 (Google Map) Enter through the front gate on Center Street. Gates will open at 9:30 am. If you arrive early and want to grab some refreshments, there are a variety of fast food options nearby on Broadway between 7th and 13th Streets.


Available on side streets around the governor’s mansion. W. 18th Street and Spring Street both have street parking.


Begins promptly at 9:30. To expedite check-in, we ask that chaperones check-in for all of their students. Each chaperone will be given:

  • Check-in sheet that lists all her/his registered students,
  • Table numbers for each girl,
  • Certificates & flyers to be handed out AFTER the summit.

If you bring your own computers, make sure they are fully charged. Electric outlets will not be available for charging. Many of have asked whether CHROMEBOOKS will work, they will!

Loaner Computers: Chaperones will be asked to check-out and return any loaner computers used by their students. The volunteer checking you in can direct you to the computer check-out table.

Setting Up: Log-in as soon as you are seated, using the instructions on the projection screen at the front of the room. Mentors will be visiting each table and can assist anyone who is having difficulties.

Food and Drinks

Because we will have so much computer equipment around, we will not be serving food or drinks. Everyone is on your own for breakfast and lunch.


We have a full program on tap and want to make sure we have as much time to code as possible. Therefore, we will ask everyone to be in their seats and ready to go by no later than 9:50 am.

Waiting List

We had a great response to our program and have many girls on our waiting list. If anyone will be unable to attend, please let us know, so we can invite others to take your place.

Thank you!

We appreciate your support for our Girls of Promise Coding Summit and are looking forward to seeing everyone on Wednesday! If you have any questions, please email us.

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